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Why Book With Us?

Why Using Vast Explorers

Vast Explorers is ranked as one of East Africa’s most respected destination brands for the classic service and is a destination management company that turns dream safaris into reality. Based on its belief that attention to detail is essential to success, we earned a reputation for excellent customer service and we have been providing top quality destination management and ground handling service for every year and years, so customers can be sure their arrangements are in safe hands.

Pocket-friendly Safari rates

Vast Explorers, by virtue of the volumes we occasionally handle, is able to get the best rate for most of the components of the holiday package. This combined with our relation with respective service providers can help to sustainably reduce the overall holiday cost. We can combine visitors to form large groups and in so doing reduce the cost to individual travelers.

Professional Team of guides/ Product knowledge

We often have a very good knowledge destination all over the East African region, having repeatedly put together similar tours. This is one of the key reasons for using our service as we already know what to expect and can substantially help to improve your overall experience. Our driver-guides have all been in the industry for many years and have a wealth of knowledge to share with our beloved guests that speak frequently English and have a complete passion for their chosen profession.

Product information

 We are in a position to provide you with valuable details to help make each stage of your holiday pleasant and enjoyable such information will quite often be based on our experience in offering that particular product.

Good selection of Hotels/Lodges

We have a strong relationship with many of the finest hotels, lodges, and camps in the East African region which we pattern with to ensure your satisfaction. We offer everything from luxury to budget accommodation including historical and tented camps.

Reliable Safari Vehicles

Vast Explorers is your premier, trustworthy and reliable ground car Rental service with the best car hire deals you should consider for any need to hire a car in Uganda and Rwanda. Vast Explorers offer you a great opportunity to discover iconic tourist sites in the Land of a Thousand Hills to the Pearl of Africa while on a self-drive tour or guided game safari tour. We contrast the best rental brands in Kampala and Kigali such that you have something to save on your next rental car that is why our car hire rates are just within our clients’ budget. Vast Explorers, we believe in prompt service provision, professional service and that is why we have always featured as outstanding in both Uganda and East Africa at large.

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