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Adere Safari Lodge

Adere Safari Lodge      

Adere Safari Lodge is strategically located in Kidepo Valley National Park in Northern Uganda about a 12-hour drive from Kampala city. The name Adere is derived from Iteso Language, a term used for artifacts made from a hard shell of a fruit of the guard family.

Adere Safari lodge in the heart of Kidepo Valley National Park boasts of hand-made architecture by local craftsmen and comprises 20 self-contained rooms which were designed to be a haven from the hustle and bustle, an ideal place for tourists.

Adere Safari Lodge offers quality services and makes your comfort our priority during your stay with us, the lodge provides the same kind of comfort for all visitors irrespective of where you come from and this is a getaway with a picture-perfect view of Kidepo valley National Park.

At Adere, you will have the chance to be entertained by the local Karamojong through poems, music, dances, games, and sports.

The lodge is guarded by very old big stones, one is able to clearly see the magnificent Kidepo Valley National Park and deduce that he comes to a new place with rich experience.

For those who love swimming, this is a perfect place for you to showcase your experience. It is no joke that the concept of a cascade of water falling in this semi-desert through the stones proves, again and again, to be one of Earth’s most captivating natural wonders.

Although it is located deep in Kidepo Valley National Park, the hotel maintains a feel of the wilderness. The result is a fine place for outdoor parties and for the children to run around.

Adere Safari and Lodges offers a Conference Hall, Board Room, a restaurant, a bar, and a magnificent compound overlooking Kidepo valley national park, the place is sufficient for relaxing outdoor activities.

Besides a comfortable and unforgettable night, the lodge also offers you a great opportunity to visit different attractions with the Park including wild animals, bird species, hot springs, Narus valley, in the heart of the park, a savannah landscape that extends far beyond the gazetted area, towards horizons outlined by distant mountain ranges.

At the Adere view tower, you will see as far as Southern Sudan and notice that Kidepo is Uganda’s most isolated national park and that a few people who make the long journey north through the wild frontier region of Karamoja would agree that it is also the most magnificent, for Kidepo ranks among Africa’s finest wildernesses.

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