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Buganda Kingdom

Buganda Kingdom

The Kingdom of Buganda has situated in the Central Region of the country known today as Uganda. It is right in the heart of Africa astride the Equator and in the North West shores of Lake Victoria and it’s also the source of the great river Nile. The Buganda Kingdom is the home to the nation’s political and commercial capital city Kampala as well as the country’s main International airport Entebbe.

The Buganda Kingdom has a leader of the Kingdom called The Kabaka, the people are referred to as Baganda for many and Muganda for singular, their language is called Luganda and the Culture is called Kiganda Culture. The living king is called the Kabaka while the deceased king is referred to as the Ssekabaka. The sovereignty of leadership has always belonged to the male child from the royal family. Neither woman nor any other person not from the royal blood can reign in Buganda. The elder son of the King in Buganda does not become king but takes on the title of Kiweewa and there are functions carried out to crown the Kiweewa. The heir to the throne is always under the guardianship of the Kasujju. The Kasujju is also responsible for helping the Kiweewa carry out his duties. There is always a senior prince in the Kingdom called the Sabalangira. Princes and princesses take up their mother’s clans and totems. The queen and the queen mother are permitted to hold their courts and a certain measure of administrative powers is conferred on them by the Kiganda Custom. Princes in the direct linage of succession are called Princes of the Drum because their father is on the throne and has the royal drum (Mujaguzo). Possession of this drum has always been regarded as possession of power, office, and authority. Apart from the Royal drum (Mujaguzo), there are also other drums for each chieftainship. Each office is identified by the rhythm of its drum.

The Buganda Tourism Sites

Kabaka’s Lake

As the biggest man-made lake in Uganda dug during the reign of Ssekabaka Mwanga II in 1885, the Kabaka’s lake attracts a number of tourists anxious to even see the beautiful birds at its shores.

The Royal Heritage sites

The Royal Heritage trail comprises Bulange (Parliament), Twekobe (Palace), Kabakas, Lakes, Namasole (King’s Maama), and Kasubi Tombs (cemetery for the kingdom) which are the most important in the kingdom of Buganda.

The magnificent features of the Kasubi tombs represent the rich traditions and heritage of the Baganda people.

The Uganda Martyrs’ Trail

Today, every spot where the martyrs were killed has a shrine or church, or chapel where the faithful gather to venerate the martyrs. Significant shrines are found in the Namugongo area which has catholic, protestant, and Moslem memorial centers.

Others can be found in Mityana, munyonyo Busega, and as far as kyenjojo in western Uganda. Here, we present some of the sites found in Buganda and around Kampala where most of the Martyrs died.

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