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Entebbe City

Entebbe City

Entebbe City exposes you to the once the colonial capital of Uganda and is the first town that welcomes any visitor to Uganda from the International Airport known as Entebbe. Being a quiet town Cooled by breezes from Lake Victoria, beach palm trees, a beautiful botanical garden, good hotels that have beautiful views of the lake and white sand beaches, Uganda Wildlife Preserve; The Uganda Wildlife Education Center (Zoo) Entebbe is a day tour destination for both Ugandans and international visitors.

Your unforgettable day at Entebbe City will start with visiting the Botanical Gardens of Entebbe located on the shores of Lake Victoria, a sanctuary for many primates(monkeys), the most fantastic tropical plants one can find, walk on the white sand beach. Having a variety of primates such as Baboons and monkeys, close to 20 bird species and butterflies, the sight of local fishermen throwing their nets on canoes, as well as the beautiful lakeshore scenery you a guaranteed to have a peaceful morning in a relaxing place blown by the cool lake breeze.

Visit Mabamba wetland in Entebbe City home to various bird species including the rare shoebills, the wetland has been marked as the best birding destination which is known as a birding haven for bird lovers. Mabamba wetland is located in Entebbe and is the full day magical experience with the swamp environment on the shores of Lake Victoria sheltering counts of birds including the Vulnerable and rare shoebill stork. The swamp-dwelling Sitatunga is also available. The famous Mabamba Shoebill Tour begins in either Kampala or Entebbe that presents an impressive birding experience on canoe.

Entebbe City continues to offer you the wildlife mammals in one area, the Uganda Wildlife Preserve- the Zoo where you will see most of the animal and bird species residence in Uganda gazetted in a semi-natural habitat like Lion, Buffalo, Antelopes, Hippos, Snakes, Crocodile plus very many bird species. Taking photographs of your interest will be after paying for your camera entry and you shall walk along the various paths ending at beachside restaurants for refreshments. Thereafter you will embark on your drive to Kampala or any place of residence.

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