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Kigali City

Kigali City

Kigali is a city built in a hilly country, sprawling across about four ridges/ it is the great capital and largest city of Rwanda. It is situated near the geographic center of the nation and has been the economic, cultural, and transport hub of Rwanda. Kigali has a lot to offers as a tourist destination.

Rwanda Museums introduce tourists to the unique history and culture of the country. The Museums of Rwanda spice-up tourist’ safari experiences as well as diversify the country’s tourism industry that mainly depends on mountain gorilla trekking. They showcase archaeological, historical, political, and artistic insight into Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, and some of the must-visit Museums in Rwanda include. The Rwanda City

Rwanda Art Museum is found in Kanombe at about 4 kilometers from Kigali Airport and represents the former Presidential Palace Museum that was transformed into the “Rwanda Art Museum on 18th May 2018.

The Rwanda Art Museum showcases modern artifacts of both local and international artists as well as being a host for temporary as well as art exhibitions. It’s obvious that the present Museum was a Presidential Palace from the 1970s up to the late 2000s and visiting it allows tourists to see the debris of the Falcon 50s Presidential jet that was shot on the 6th April 1994 and led to the 1994 genocide.

Other important Museums in Rwanda include the Ethnographic Museum, King’s Palace Museum, Museum of Environment, Rwesero Arts Museum, Kandt House (Rwanda Museum of Natural History), and the National Liberation Park Museum can all be explored when visiting the country for a safari

Kigali City offers you the chance to visit Kigali Memorial Centre which has gained a worldwide reputation for the powerful exhibition and its work in promoting peace. Such a place also gives you the opportunity to really know in detail about the Rwandan genocide of 1994 where over 800,000 people were murdered by ruthless soldiers, police, and their fellow village mates in a very short period of time. The genocide started from the capital Kigali and quickly spread through the country as the ordinary citizens were incited to take arms and murder their neighbors in the same area by the local officials and the Hutu government.

The city is surrounded by beautiful art craft markets for your souvenir shopping where you can buy one or more to remember.

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