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Lutembe Birding Site

Lutembe Birding Site

Lutembe Birding Site is known as Lutembe Bay that strategically located 25 km south of Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda. The Bay is a secluded backwater at the mouth of Lake Victoria’s Murchison Bay, between Kampala and Entebbe.  Lutembe bay is among the wetlands in Uganda that have been gazetted by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a Ramsar site which is a wetland on the edge of Lake Victoria.

Lutembe Birding Site is famous for migrated European birdlife that begins arriving in Uganda from Europe starting September and October annually and leave from February and March such birds including the white-winged black terns and so on.

Each year, such birds come with their young ones hatched in the season before. And as they return to Europe, they leave behind the hatchling so that they can practice breeding. During that period their white far changes to a completely black color – the change of their color is known as breeding – plumage. Once they are ready, these black ones fly to Europe, breed, and later return to Lutembe when they have developed white far. For several centuries this has been their cycle.

Lutembe Birding Site has gained its popularity due to migratory birdlife and now is a globally important site for the conservation of these species that receive different people in different countries of the world. Destroying the bay means condemning the entire population of the white-winged black tern and half the global population of the gull-billed tern. The global importance of the site does not lie in the occurrence of the species alone.

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