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Gorilla Habituation

Gorilla Habituation

A gorilla habituation experience takes place in only Uganda among the three countries where mountain gorillas are found in Africa, gorilla habituation takes place in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which located in the southwest of Uganda approximately 463 kilometers from Kampala the capital of Uganda. A gorilla habituation experience is normally found in Rushaga region in the south of Bwindi National Park. Gorilla habituation is an activity where mountain gorillas get used to the presence of humans in their natural home. Gorilla habituation is an activity where Uganda Wildlife Authority has introduced in 2015 in a southern sector known as Rushaga region-Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Rushaga sector is known for having a high number of gorilla families with over 9 gorilla families which are found here including the 2 gorilla families which habituated for gorilla habituation, the Bikyingi, and Bushaho gorilla family. It’s unlike the gorilla trekking, gorilla habituation allows the visitor to undertake 4 hours with mountain gorillas in the face to face while learning their behaviors, characters, historical background and so on in their natural home. The Bikyingi gorilla family embraces with 21 gorilla members which including 1 silverback, 9 adult females 2 sub adults and 9 infants, whereas the Bushaho gorilla family contains with 8 individuals including 1 silverback, 3 adult females, 1 black back, 1 sub-adult, 1 juvenile, and 2 toddlers.

A Gorilla habituation permit

A gorilla habituation permits cost USD 1500.00 per person per trek which grant you the chance to see mountain gorillas in over 4 hours unlike gorilla trekking for 1 hour in their natural state. Currently, there are two gorilla families for habituation, and there is only 8 gorilla permit which is sold every day meaning that each gorilla family has four gorilla permit which is sold every day and only four visitors are allowed for gorilla habituation experience. We advise you to book your gorilla habituation permit as earlier as five months in advance in order to avoid inconvenience through containing us for more information or you can book directly to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) which is responsible for who are only responsible for supplying Gorilla permits in Uganda.

Best time to do gorilla habituation experience  

The best time for doing gorilla habituation experience is the whole year from January up to December. However, the best time for doing gorilla habituation experience in Rushaga-Bwindi National Park is in the dry season of June, July, August and September, December, January,  February. During this season, there is less or no rainfall and the trail tends to be dry making the gorilla habituation easier and enjoyable.

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