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Agriculture & Farming Program

Agriculture is the primary economic activity of most people living in rural villages in Uganda, yet many communities are unable to produce enough food. Vast Explores and its volunteers contribute sustainable solutions to communities agricultural issues and help preserve natural resources. SAF works with volunteers to increase agricultural productivity through improved seeds and farming practices, improve access to markets so farmers can profitably sell their surplus food while integrating projects that often combine vegetable gardening, livestock management and nutrition education.

Volunteers on the project will have a lot of freedom to pursue their passion within the field, whether its genetics and breeding, agroforestry and conservation, or even fair trade practices. Agriculture volunteering can also be an excellent source of physical activity and outdoor adventure for international volunteers, not to mention the satisfaction they’ll gain giving back to the community and helping locals take control of their own survival and sustainability.

The Agriculture Program is especially suitable for those interested in agriculture and food security, environmental science, natural resources, ecology, international development and public health. The specific tasks volunteers carry out depend on the project, the time of year and most importantly, the needs of the individuals Vast Explorers serves.

Volunteers on the project do hands-on work that leaves a lasting impact on farming communities in need. By assisting throughout the numerous steps of the agricultural process, volunteers are able to be immersed in the local agriculture scene, learn about sustainable farming methods and agriculture processes at the rural level.

No prior experience is required, so volunteers from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in this program. You must simply have a desire to give something back to the community, and a willingness to work hard and get your hands dirty! The program is available year-round and volunteers can start from one week to three months, and may require between four and six hours of work per day. Whether you are on a gap year, career break, or volunteer vacation, you will be able to make a significant contribution to the farm and the community.

Volunteer activities may include a combination of the following seasonal activities

  • land clearing and soil preparation;
  • planting maize, beans, fruit trees, and vegetables;
  • weeding gardens;
  • chasing pests; and
  • Harvesting crops.
  • Beehives Monitoring

Volunteers are given basic training and appropriate tools upon arrival. Gloves, a hat, and sturdy gumboots are recommended. This project requires working in the sun.

Why Choose This Program

  • You’ll love sinking your hands into our rich Ugandan soil;
  • You get to work alongside empowered women earning income for their families;
  • Public speaking isn’t your thing; and
  • Helping a community achieve food security feels great!
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