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Medical Outreach Volunteer Program

Ready to jump into your scrubs and be a Medical volunteer in Uganda? International Vast Explorer’s Medical project enables volunteers to gain experience in clinics and outreach efforts in rural towns where people often struggle to access basic healthcare. Medical volunteers can help fill the gap left by a shortage of qualified professionals in these areas, relieving pressure on health initiatives and giving local people the chance to have their health needs attended to.

What to expect and how you’ll make an impact

The healthcare system in Uganda is considered fairly adequate relative to other African countries, however there is still considerable need for volunteer assistance. Once you get outside the major cities, the standard of healthcare drops considerably and there is a shortage of trained medical professionals.

Where people require additional treatment or support we have partnerships with local clinics to provide the best possible ongoing care. HIV and malaria testing are a big part of the work we do, as they are very common amongst these communities. We always use these issues as opportunities to counsel on how to avoid disease, cleanliness, the use of mosquito nets and other relevant topics.

As a Medical volunteer you can help in small clinics in under-resourced, rural areas for two days a week; and with a mobile wound care outreach service for the remaining three days. You should expect to be working with limited resources, and understand that the healthcare environment you’re volunteering in will be different to what you’re used to.

Volunteer duties will depend on your experience and how much time you’re spending on your program. Longer term and qualified volunteers are more likely to have hands-on tasks, though this should not be expected. Initially at least, your tasks are likely to be mostly observational or administrative. Outreach clinics are more hands-on than clinic-based volunteering.

You will need to provide a copy of your qualifications, or a letter and transcript from your school to the local team in Uganda on arrival.


  • Provide access to health care for vulnerable people
  • Spread education about HIV and eliminate stigma
  • Give volunteers the opportunity to interact with local communities

Medical Volunteer Roles

  • HIV testing and counselling
  • Malaria testing, treatment and prevention
  • Treatment of diseases and illnesses such as: URI, UTI, GI infections, STIs, wound care and more
  • Distribution of mama kits and basic prenatal care
  • Health education
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