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Through creating bespoke Safari experiences in Uganda and Rwanda, we have left many of our past clientele wandering with adventure-rich stories that will stay with you forever. Explore, reflect and indulge your mind while on an Africa safari with the experts. Vast Explorers is now proud to be the leading brand in impactful and responsible travel in Uganda through sustainable social change by training local children and youth who often lack the opportunities for education and employment especially those from vulnerable families.

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Explore & Support Communities

We owe it to the local communities, vulnerable children, and the environment that surrounds us. As travel continues to evolve, travelers are focused not just on reclaiming the freedom and connection they once had, but also on how to experience them even more responsibly and respectfully than before.

There are many ways for us all to start impacting the lives of others through travel, inspiring children, and local communities. Let us choose to be gentle to everyone & get involved in our volunteering programs and take care of the children in changing their lives.



lts time to make your holiday dream come true

Venture through these vast and epic destinations, featuring the most scenic and rugged landscapes. Feel a million miles away from life at home in otherworldly natural and remote settings. Now is the perfect time to begin planning your memorable safari and so for a wonderful time to spend with family and friends.

Inspiring Communities

Our efforts are devoted to assisting locals grow socially & also get empowered financially.

In-house Safari Experts

Our destination expert team is available to accurately assist you to plan a seamless holiday.


We do understand every circumstance and we strongly value all our clients in all aspects.

No Need to Break Bank

We offer affordable safari holidays without compromising on service quality.

Finest Safari Vehicle

Giving the best safari experience each time on safari in our new & reliable 4X4 Land Cruisers.


Volunteer with the vast Explorers and make a positive change in the lives of our children, girls, women and the local community. Our volunteers can choose from various programs to ensure your interests and strengths are best utilized during your time with Vast Explorers. By using your skills, time and energy you make a long lasting difference for the community. Our programs run year round and each volunteer chooses when they want to start and the duration. All volunteers can stay at the Saint Ann Foundation Volunteer home, a short walk to the school and a relaxing retreat after a long day. We also have host families to welcome you into their homes so you can experience a truly immersive and personal stay.

When you choose to join Vast Explorers you are also joining a global network of volunteers who are living and working with diverse cultures on projects that have a positive impact. Our volunteers come from all over the world, and you will find that most of them will share your passion for giving back and your desire to broaden your horizons.

Feel free to call, WhatsApp or email us to learn more about our volunteer Journeys. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and we will work with you to plan the best possible volunteer Journey!

Our Unique Camps & Lodges

Get an insight into remote and luxury living to our most ideal and recommended tourist facilities across the country. Spend nights in an environment that awakens a vibrant energy within you, found in places with an abundance of wildlife, birds, butterflies, and drastic landscapes. Feel connected to the elements of nature, distraction-free camps & lodges.

If you’re aiming to enjoy and stay at the very best of the best, browse through our recommendations where you will find on-site gyms, massages, and healthy smoothies at most of our iconic luxury lodges and camps.

Our Primate Safaris & Experiences

Feel fresh, rest, reset and restore. Be part of the greatest wildlife encounters in Africa. Tracking the mountain gorillas and observing them in their name home remains unmatched. An encounter with the endangered golden monkeys, the chimpanzees plus the Colobus monkeys, following them as they go about their daily lives. This has caught most people’s attention. Get an insight into our primate expeditions.

Below are details related to our volunteer different programs!