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Our Car Rental & Hire Services

Safari Vehicles & Rental Services

Our safari vehicles in both Uganda and Rwanda come in a wide range of options including sedan cars, coaster buses, safari minivans, luxury rental cars to classic 4×4 safari vehicles. Given our wide selection of rental cars, we have everyone on Uganda and Rwanda safari covered. Immerse yourself into the pristine wilderness of Uganda using one of our classic and comfortable rental cars. Our fleet of rental cars is all within travelers’ wallet size, comprehensively insured, well-maintained, serviced, clean with comfortable seats, air-conditioned, FM radio transmission, CD player and they are ready for you to get to your dream safari destination comfortably with no doubt.

No matter your budget, location of your dream destination, the travel interest-whether you are on self-drive, guided safari in Rwanda and Uganda with our fleet of cars you don’t need to stress your mind because we have all your travel needs to be sorted. We compare the best rental brands in Kigali and Kampala such that you save a lot more on your next rental car.

Our safari vehicles in Uganda and Rwanda

4×4 Toyota Rav4 

Rent our 4×4 Toyota Rav4 also popular as a recreational active vehicle and explore Uganda and Rwanda in a comfortable and unique way. Our 4×4 Toyota Rav4 rental cars are the best alternative, especially for budget travelers, self-drive tours, city tours in either Kampala or Kigali, conferences, and many others. They come in compact sizes with a carrying capacity of up to 5 people with adequate space for you, your cargo and comprise of air conditioners, FM radio, MP3, or CD player. Hit the road using our comfortable Toyota Rav4 rentals for only $40!

Safari Minivan

We have the best Safari Minivan for hire for your safaris in Rwanda. Our comfortable Safari Minivan rentals come in medium size and they are perfect cars to rent in Uganda and Rwanda especially if you are interested in sightseeing. Our Safari Minivan rental cars have a carrying capacity of 9 and they are ideal for wildlife viewing tours. They feature air conditioners, clean and comfortable seats, and adequate room for luggage and for you to stretch your legs plus a rooftop that offers a clear view over diverse wildlife. Our Safari Minivans are ideal for group tours, family trip picnics, camping among others.

Land Cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser Prado is among our safari vehicles in Uganda and Rwanda. It is a medium-sized and excellent 4×4 rental safari car with a carrying capacity of about 6 visitors. Our Land Cruiser Prado comprises MP3, CD player, FM transmission radio, air conditioner among other essential features that will make your road trip memorable. It is the ideal rental car for visitors on guided safaris, self-drive tours, conferences, family trips, or for cases of airport transfers. Our Land Cruiser Prado rental cars come in different models right from GX, LX, V8, and TX. Simply get in touch with our reservation team and we have your dream come true.

Safari Land Cruiser

Safari Land Cruisers make up on top of our fleet cars to rent in either Uganda or Rwanda with a carrying capacity of 7 people. We have the best 4×4 Safari Land Cruisers for hire for your Rwanda safaris or outdoor camping. They come with a pop-up roof which is perfect for game viewing safari in Rwanda plus other features like MP3/CD player, inbuilt fridge, air conditioners, two spare tires, roof tent. Our Safari Land Cruisers are a perfect choice for family trips, airport transfers, camping, and guided safaris. They can be hired at $120!

Safari Custom Van

We have the best Toyota Super Custom Van for hire with a carrying capacity of 6 people. It features air conditioners, adjustable seats, sunroof, CD/MP3 player plus others. Our Toyota Custom Vans are ideal for airport transfers, guided safaris, city tours in Kigali, or business trips.

Nissan Patrol

Get the best of your holiday in Uganda by hiring our comfortable Nissan Patrol. Our Nissan Patrol rental cars accommodate up to 4 people and they are made in such a way, they can tackle any kind of terrain. They have adequate room for your luggage for you to stretch your legs and they are a perfect option for visitors on self-drive tours in Uganda and Rwanda, game viewing, or rent one plus a chauffeur driver.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Roof tent

With our Toyota Land Cruiser V8 rental cars, you have a chance to get to every corner of Uganda and Rwanda while discovering different parts. We have the best, most reliable, strong Toyota Land Cruiser V8 roof tent and them with the best camping gear, air conditioners, carrying capacity of five people. Most of them are on unlimited mileage. Hire one of our comfortable diesel manual transmission

Toyota Land Cruiser TX

Hire our classic Toyota Land Cruiser TX and explore Rwanda’s premier destinations comfortably.  We have the best 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser TX for hire with a carrying capacity of 5 people and they have air conditioners. They come in manual or automatic transmission.

Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top Extended

4x4Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top Extended feature on the top list of our safari vehicles in Uganda and Rwanda. They are the best choice for wildlife safaris especially in Akagera National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, and Murchison Falls National Park and among others. They come with features like air conditioners, a mini-fridge and you hire one at a pocket-friendly rate.

Double rooftop tent car 

Thinking of camping and wondering how to get a tent? Our double rooftop tent rental cars are readily available for you to make your camping or holiday in either Uganda or Rwanda memorable. Hiring one of our double rooftop rental cars relieves you from the stress of setting up a tent on the ground.

Coaster buses

Our coaster buses are perfect for small and large group tours in Uganda and Rwanda. They accommodate between 12 and 28 people and they come with a mini-fridge, air conditioners, comfortable seats, and many more.

Airport Transfers (Pick up & Drop)

We offers you a service of airport transfers service, picking up to transfer you to your hotel, home address, business address on a Door to Door basis either one way or return.

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